About me

Hello, I’m Tom Baker – welcome to my website. I’m a fully qualified broadcast journalist, currently employed as a staff news reader and reporter at the Lincs FM Group

I’m an experienced general news and sport reporter and bulletin reader, used to working to very tight deadlines and managing time and resources. I have worked on stories including failings in local health services, NHS trust budget deficits, major industrial disputes, breaking news including train derailments and fires, and covered the general election. I am flexible and versatile and have interviewed cabinet ministers, sports people and grieving families among others.

I’m a graduate of the Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism at the London College of Communication, which covered: newswriting, interviewing skills, politics, digital editing (Radioman, QEP, BURLI, Adobe Audition), bulletin and programme production (ENPS and BURLI), studio operation, social media, voice coaching, online journalism and TV production including Final Cut Pro. I am fully legally sound and got the highest mark in the year in the media law exam.


Besides my broadcasting experience, I hold a bachelor’s degree in geography and a master’s in urban studies and have worked in charity sector communications and marketing campaign planning.


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