Something new

It’s been almost a year since my last entry, but I’m back with something which I hope will be the beginning of a regular series; I’m going to upload full interviews recorded in the line of duty as a news reader and reporter for the Lincs FM group, where they’re interesting or relevant to current debates. With luck it will demonstrate the diversity of stories I cover and simply give the material more air than it would otherwise clipped up and only used a couple of times in our news bulletins.

The first thing I have is a recent interview with Peter Davis of fruit and vegetable import/export company Davis Produce. The main thrust of the discussion is Peter’s description of the impacts on his business of the recent (and possibly recurrent) strike by French ferry workers at Calais. At the end we pick up briefly on the migrant crisis in Calais, distressing coverage of which has been in the national media. The final section is primarily to do with the implications for businesses like Davis Produce and doesn’t address the sad conditions the migrants find themselves in. It can seem myopic to focus on the commercial stakes rather than the humanitarian crisis, but the interview was recorded to generate a ‘local’ (for Lincolnshire) angle on the story.